ELITE Hockey development


THIS program is designed for players playing or entering the Junior, College, or Professional level.


Program details


TPA has become the perfect home for professional, collegiate, and elite junior hockey players looking to maximize their off-season development. At TPA, players will find an unmatched training culture, expert coaching, and training methods backed by sports science and research.

Choosing from a variety of base training packages and a comprehensive menu of program add-ons, players have the ability to fully customize their off-season training experience.

TPA has become a very affordable one-stop shop for the complete development of the elite hockey player:

Program runs from April 1-August 30

Base Training packages


Monthly base training packages allow athletes to fully customize their off-season experience. Based on each athletes unique scheduling and training needs, train up to 5 days per week with flexible training times.

Each athlete undergoes a thorough physical assessment to collect the data needed to help build a personalized off-season training plan. Athletes train with an individualized program in a energetic small group setting that does not exceed 1:6 coach to athlete ratio.

Program customizations







Athletes work closely with our coaches & professionals to formulate a nutrition plan customized to their needs. Nutritional services include:

  • Post-workout recovery supplementation

  • Post-workout meal services

  • Guided grocery store tours

  • Individual consultations and group based seminars

On-ice development

Located inside Toronto’s premiere 6 pad arena, Canlan Ice Sports York, players can fully customize their on-ice development to compliment their training needs. On-ice services include:

  • 2 week August Pre-Camp

  • Weekly Small Group Individual Skills


TPA Sports is strategically partnered with experienced physical therapists, massage therapists, skating coaches, and skills coaches to create a collaborative team of industry leaders to complement our training program and enhance player experience.

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**Spaces are limited. Availability is subject to a capped group size

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