Technology-Based Testing

TPA has teamed up with The Park™ to provide advanced technology testing used by top professional sports leagues. We've paired this technology-based testing system with the hyper-intelligent output capabilities of the Kinduct AMS. Players of any age are run through a battery of sport-specific tests and their results are scored and stored in the cloud-based Kinduct AMS where they can be reviewed and shared with team management, scouts, and TPA training staff. 

Here’s your opportunity to see the hard data on how you stack up against the best athletes in your sport and age group, using the same testing equipment and data collection system as the world’s best professional leagues.


Using a combination of complementary technologies, The Park™ can calculate each athlete's fitness levels faster, and with greater accuracy than ever before. And by filtering this data through the built-in scoring system, users can now see how each player ranks across what is currently the largest collection of athletic data in the industry.