TPA’s High Performance Off-Season Training is a progressive and comprehensive training program that focuses on the complete development of our athletes.

Our holistic approach to player performance integrates expert off and on-training systems with nutrition, injury prevention, and mental performance to build stronger, faster, and more resilient athletes. 



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Off-Ice Training

  • Up to 72 off-ice training sessions
  • Individual assessment
  • Performance testing powered by Sport Testing
  • Individualized programming focusing on improving mobility, explosive speed, strength and development, core strength, and conditioning



  • Powered by Wellness Chef Andrew Muto; Supports athletes like Connor McDavid, Steven Stamkos, and Mark Scheifele
  • Two Sports Nutrition Food Seminar's including a informative store tour and interactive cooking workshop (Intro to Sports Nutrition, and Maintaining Wellness for the Season)
  • Post-Workout snacks & meals available from Umanii (additional cost)


  • Up to 21 on-ice development sessions
  • High tempo drills, individual, position, and game specific skill development, advanced puck control, elite level powerskating
  • On-Ice Performance Testing powered by Sport Testing  using same tests and method used at CHL combines
  • Individualized reports on player progress

Recovery & Player Development Services

  • Recovery Sessions & Performance Workshops provided by Sport Chiropractor Dr. Ian MacIntyre
  • Sparring Sessions powered by Elite Athlete Coach Jorge "Spaniard" Blanco; Trainer to world class NHL all-stars
  • Weekly Track & Speed Development Sessions
  • Mental Performance Seminars powered by specialist Kiri Langford
  • Weekly Yoga and Recovery Sessions


July 3-August 25


• 40 Off-Ice
Training Sessions

(5 days/week)

• 21 On-Ice
Training Sessions

Cost:  $2999 + hst

Dryland Only option $1999 + hst
Ice Only option $999 + hst


June 5-August 25


• 56 Off-Ice
Training Sessions

(4-5 days/week)

• 21 On-Ice
Training Sessions

Cost:  $3299 + hst

Dryland Only option $2299 + hst



May 8-August 25


• 72 Off-Ice
Training Sessions

(4-5 days/week)

• 21 On-Ice
Training Sessions

Cost:  $3499 + hst

Dryland Only option $2499 + hst



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Dr. Ian MacIntyre

Dr. MacIntyre is a sports specialist chiropractor who works extensively as a consultant for various NHL members and teams, as well as athletes from the CFL, NFL, MSL, PGA, UEFA Champions League and UFC. Dr. MacIntyre is a recognized expert in the area of injury prevention and injury rehabilitation and is a sought after soft tissue specialist. 

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Jorge Blanco

Jorge "Spaniard" Blanco is a former Spanish National Kickboxing Champion and a former member of the Spanish National & Olympic Boxing Teams. As an Elite Athletic Coach over the past 6 years, Jorge has worked amongst the worlds most elite class of NHL's athletes. Spaniard's Elite Hockey Syetem relies heavily on performance optimization though specialized breath-control techniques, dynamic balance and hand-eye coordination, mental and physical steadiness, and fundamental fighting skills.

Andrew Muto

Andrew (Andy) Muto is a special guest presenter for TPA who is a Wellness Chef dedicated to providing Fresh Natural Food Offerings to professional athletes and people in minor sports. Included in these groups are notable athletes from the NHL, NBA, Canadian Olympic Teams, Minor Hockey Leagues, Community Basketball & Soccer Leagues and Marathon Runners.

As a Food Educator, he inspires people from all walks of life through Intimate & Interactive Food Demonstrations by simplifying loads of information into practical recipes that people can actually use, eating smart, balanced and simple foods every day.  

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Kiri LanGFord

Kiri Langford is a Mental Performance Coach who supports athletes ranging from minor, collegiate, and professional hockey looking to take their performance to the next level. Kiri helps her athletes uncover performance roadblocks that impede performance and helps each athlete develop individualized key performance-enhancing strategies, skills, tools and habits to maximize their potential.